Can you guarantee that a certain loved one that has passed will come through?
I can’t guarantee it, but I can certainly ask. Sometimes that person is ready and eager to come through. Sometimes they are tending to other business on the other side or maybe you aren’t ready for their messages yet. Just like in normal everyday life, we can’t make anyone do anything. It’s up to them. However, I will still have other messages for you if your loved one doesn’t come through.

Is a reading only about people who have passed?
No, it could be guidance about your job or your relationship. Or I may pick up on negative energy in your house and tell you how to release it. I am also a medical intuitive, so I may pick up on something that is happening in your body. Readings are usually a mixed bag, depending on what is happening in your life. Feel free to ask questions.

What do I need to bring to readings?
Just yourself and an open mind. If you have specific questions, feel free to bring them. I have clients that will ask a list of questions. Others just want to be open to see what messages come in.

Can someone else attend my reading?
Certainly. Just keep in mind that some private messages may come through. Also, please keep in mind that I may pick up information on the both of you. If that happens, just guide me in the right direction. If you are comfortable with that, let’s do it!

Can you give readings over the phone? Is it better in person?
I can give readings in person or over the phone. The messages are not affected by either choice. Some clients prefer in-person readings and others prefer readings over the phone since they are not close to my area.

Frequently Asked Questions

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