What an amazing experience, she was so helpful and told me exactly what I needed to hear, even though I had no idea I needed to hear it. I will absolutely be reaching out to her again soon. I can't say enough good things about her, and my mind is still blown from this experience. Thank you!!
- Jessica T.

Mary Beth was very warm and friendly. She answered all questions honestly. She did not just tell me what I wanted to hear. Picked up on many things I did not mention, including issues with my knees and back. She just knew things there was no way she could have. She is the real deal. My questions centered on a situation for which I have been judged by others, but Mary Beth did not pass judgment at all. In fact she assures me that what happened was ok and I should not feel ashamed or judged by anyone about it. Will definitely call her again.

- Leigh R.

Mary Beth has been invaluable to me over the past year and helped me through a very stressful period in my life. Sessions with her relieved my anxiety and helped me see a new prospective about the events happening which she accurately predicted.
- Mary J.

Reviews from clients...

I have "worked" with Mary Beth for over 2 years now! I have always been amazed at her immediate ability to get "messages" from her Guides & Angels, as well as mine. In particular, she was there to let me know what was going on when we found out two years ago that my brother was dying... The 2nd evening after I had received the news that he had terminal cancer, I was sitting with her and telling her that "Charlie" was going home that night from the hospital. She looked at me quizzically and said "Hmmm... Maybe you need to text your sister-in-law to see what's going on..." So I did! I texted my brother’s wife and she responded back that he was being kept at the hospital overnight because the biopsy had not gone well, and they were keeping him for observation! She's the one who also told me I'd be helping my brother cross over when he died. And 9 weeks later - that's exactly what I did! And when I spoke with Mary Beth over the phone the next day, she described what my brother's Soul had done when I was there, and how he had actually waited for me to arrive at his home, before his departure.

She is, by far, my "go to" medium when I want to check in on what "messages" she gets regarding the path I need to be taking, here these last 2 years! Her abilities over the phone are as amazing as they are, in person! She has an amazing gift!
- Ellen K.